CARNAVAL SITGES 2010. From 11th to 17th february

20 kilometers far away  from Barcelona is Sitges, a coast town that is synonymous with culture, sun and beach. In February this city, like many others in the world, receives the Carnival. There are many theories about the origin of this pagan feast and the word “Carnival”,  dates are never clear, it depends of the Easter Sunday,  but what is always clear is that during the celebration of Carnival, the city breathes permissiveness, some lawlessness, imagination, joy and a lots of color.
This year takes place from 11th to 17th February.
This is the detailled program: 

Arrives the Carnival
Place: Paseo de la Ribera

Reading Predicot
on the balcony of City Hall
Location: City of Sitges

Presentation of the Queen of Carnival
Location: Parc de Can Boot

Xatonada (tipical dish of the zone)
Venue: Palacio del Rey Moro

Xatonada and show the Carrousel
Venue: Casino Prado

Beds Race Carnival
wheeled through the streets of the town.
Location: Francesc Guma,
Gaudenci Sant, Sant Josep,
Bonaire, Ribera, Frigate

Parade of carriages through the  streets
of the town.

“Desfilada de l’Extermini” (a Popular Parade)
Parade through the streets of the town.

Burial of Carnival.

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