Verbena de SANT JOAN, on 23th June

Known as the ‘Verbena de Sant Joan’, this festival of fire takes place every year over the shortest night of the year, welcoming the arrival of the longest day : on 23th June.Traditionally, on the night of San Juan people make bonfires and fireworks everywhere. It’s a magical night and the party lasts until dawn.

Normally, people celebrate this event on the beach. This party is also known as the « Nit del foc » (Fire’s Night). Old trash are thrown into the fire as a ritual of purification. This way, we prepare for the summer’s arrival.« Sant Joan » is the most important festivity in June and it is celebrated by all Catalan people and also in other communities : Galicia, Valencia, Alicante…etc.

The best places to enjoy « Sant Joan » are all the beaches of Barcelona, Las Ramblas, the little places of each village and over the Catalan coast.

If you want more information about this event click here.

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