FESTES DE LA MERCÉ, September, 2010

The main annual festival in Barcelona takes place on September 24th. “La Mercè” is the patron saint of Barcelona. One of them, because the other is “Santa Eulàlia”. It has been an official city holiday since 1871.

During these week there will be many events like concerts, sport, activities for children, traditions, fantastic firework, etc. All of them focus on popular Catalan and Mediterranean culture.

The Festes de la Mercè are traditionally opening by a celebrity. This openning calls “pregó”. This year the poet Joan Margarit is the candidate.

Concerts and music events in the streets and parks all over Barcelona, including the open air BAM music festival (Barcelona Acción Musical). Dakar is the invited city of this year: a Saharan town that will bring their music and traditions; There will be also castellers, the Catalan tradition of building human towers.

We have some Breaking News: the Scottish band Belle & Sebastian has been chosen as the highlight of the traditional concerts taking place inthe older factory Estrella Damm. Together with Els Amics De Les Arts and  Ok Go. If you click here you can access the list of BAM Spotify La Mercé 2010.

If you are in Barcelona during these days and you need accomodation visit our site.

Enjoy “La Mercé” 2010!

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