Enjoy skateboarding in Barcelona

Barcelona is world famous for its architecture but not only thanks to Gaudi. In the 1990s, the architecture of Barcelona changed a lot to welcome people from all over the world. One of the main reasons that can explain this phenomenon is the preparation and the organization of the Olympic Games in 1992.

At the time, the successors of Gaudi (who did not really know about skateboarding) designed many  buildings, public parks and places which are actually very good for skateboarding due to the materials used. For instance, there are many benches, curbs and ledges made of marble.

During the last 20 years, “skateboarding tourism” did not stop increasing in Barcelona and as a consequence, our city is now considered as the “European capital city” of skateboarding. There are downhills, rails and spots everywhere as if it was a “massive skatepark” or “streetpark”. Besides, it is sunny almost everyday and it is easy to get to a skateboarding spot with the metro, the bus or just by skateboard!

If you are keen on landing flat tricks and grinding you defenitely ought to skate at Plaza Universitat , Paral lel or the MACBA. If you prefer speed and downhills to ride your longboard, you can go to Forum, the Montjuic mountain or cruising down the streets from Parque Guell to the beach. It´s all up to you !

You are free to ride wherever you want to as long as you stay away from the police. Sometimes, the Mossos (policemen) take boards or give you “multas” which is a bill to pay because you are skateboarding, so watch out if you see the police around you when you are riding because they can take you to jail whereas you’d rather be chilling in your apartment after the session watching videos like this one.

Check our available apartments on our website to discover our wonderful city in a new way: skateboarding !

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