Final Four 2011 Barcelona

If you are keen on Basketball, you definitely have heard of the “Final Four” which is a tournament organised by the NCAA in the United States since 1975. This year, after Berlin and Paris, the Semi Final and the Final of the EuroLeague will be played in Barcelona on the 6th and on the 8th of May 2011 at Palau Sant Jordi.

On the 6th, the doors open at 4 pm and the first game between the Greeks from Panathinaikos and the Italians from Monttepaschi Siena will start 2 hours later.

On friday, the second game of the day which is Maccabi Electra Vs Real Madrid will be played at 9pm whereas on sunday, the schedule is different.

On the 8th of may, the doors open at 12 and the game for the third place will start at half past one. The final will be played in the afternoon at half past four. 

The tickets are on sales since the month of December and 60% of the tickets are sold for less than 300 Euros so the prices have decreased by 5% compared to last year in Paris.

The “Palau Sant Jordi” has a total capacity of 15,768 spectators. There are not special seats for the children, nevertheless, it is free for the kids aged under 3 so you can bring the whole family.

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