More than a dinner: A social and a discovering experience @ Dans le Noir

Everybody has already helped a blind man to cross the road. Usually and in most cases, the blind man is the one that needs our help, but what happens when we are at an unknown place where there is no light? We are lost whereas there is not a single difference for the blind man. In this case, who has a disability?

You see, there are a lot of situations in which the roles are reversed. In the dark, without our eyes, without our sight, the blind have the skill to be able to help us and this is the concept of “Dans le Noir”, a restaurant located in the Born district where you can eat good food in a dark room with no light at all and where the waiters are blind.

They do not see but they will be your eyes in the shadow. They will welcome you and take you to your seat. They will do their best to make you feel at ease and enjoy this human experience that does not only consist in the consumption of the food which is in front of you and that you cannot see. In the darkness, the food has a totally different taste so if you do not see it, how can you know what it is?

You will have the feeling to know what it is but you cannot put a name and you will be so unsure about it that you won’t be able stop talking to share what you are experiencing with your friend, your boyfriend, your girlfriend and even your neighbours. Indeed, in the framework of this social experience, you also share the table with unknown people.

In the beginning, no one talks and everybody listens to the explanations about the organization of the meal. At this moment, you can have a cocktail and if you are allergic to a particular type of food you can warn the waiters about what you cannot eat. Nevertheless, you will not be informed either about what you will eat because the menus are secrets. After the meal, once everyone is satisfied with their belly, people start going out of the dark room following each other in a line led by the waiter. After such an experience, you go out almost blind and where the sun is, the fun is as well. Sometimes, people make friends seeing the photographs of the food and drinks they had.

We advise you to go to “Dans le Noir” by day so that you can enjoy the contrast between the light of the sun and the darkness of the restaurant. There are three menus vailable: “a la carta”, “complete” and the “degustacion” menu which is composed of a cup of Cava, an Entrée, 2 plates and a dessert. For those who are not scared of pleasure in the dark, a glass of wine is served with each component of this meal. Do you think that you will be able to guess what it is that you are eating, touching or smelling?

Nine people out of ten guess wrong about the wine. Is it red one, a white one or a “Rosé”?

If this sounds incredible to you, experience it yourself and you will become aware that it is not that easy to differentiate the wines or the meat which sometimes can be confounded with fish. You will see that it is not that easy just to walk in the shadow till you find your chair and the table. Fortunately, the blind waiter is there for you and you will be safe if you hold his hand. Afterward, you can write him a message in the Honor Book. If you are curious about the reactions of the people regarding this experience, you can click on this link to read the Online Honor Book:

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