Monegros Desert Festival 2011

Have you ever heard about the Burning Man Festival? Well if you have, you know that it takes place in the United States where tens of thousands performers gather in the Nevada’s Black Rock desert to celebrate and enjoy their love for Art. Every year, they burn a giant wooden man to symbolise the end of the festival which means they have to leave the desert and come back to the reality of everyday life.

In Spain, deserts are not unusual landscapes and there are plenty of people with good ideas. As a consequence, one day, someone decided to create a festival in a Desert located between Lleida, Huesca and Zaragoza. You will be warned! The relaxing silence of this desert is ruined once a year during the Monegros Desert Festival. This summer, don’t miss Busta Rhymes or David Guetta who will play on the 23rd of July in an unexpected landscape among other artists such as Hellfish, Carl Cox and Vitalic. Check the website to know which bands and which DJs will participate to the event.


If you are in Barcelona this Saturday of July 2011, you can already click on this link in order to know what bus or train you can catch to be at the right place and at the right time:;jsessionid=rz6sxvufm7cf


Click on this link to find an apartment in Barcelona where you can chill out after the excitement of the desert:

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