Montana Gallery Barcelona

Barcelona is a city full of colors thanks to the nature and thanks to the culture as well. Architect masterpieces such as Park Guell and the Hospital de Sant Pau are good examples to illustrate this. Nevertheless, there are also many buildings in Barcelona that are not that colorful. Maybe that’s why some people paint the walls, because they think they are too grey.

Graffiti is an art that was born down the streets but since the day of its birth, it has changed and it has evolved a lot. Today, we can see graffiti everywhere on the walls of the biggest cities in the world but also on trucks, on trains, on caps, on T-Shirts and now even in museums and galleries.

In Barcelona, there is only one gallery specialized in this kind of art, considered by some as one of the four elements of Hip Hop. This gallery is located close to the Arc de Triomph (L4- Yellow Line) and next to a store where you can buy spray paint, marker pens and all you might need to enjoy painting on a nice grey wall or on a canvas if you prefer.

This gallery has opened in 2004 and since 2010, the manager is Anna Dimitrova. Everytime there is an exhibition, it is a success thanks to the good atmosphere and the beautiful work of the artists. There are some underground graffers who think that Graffiti should stay in the streets where it was born, so they just do not come to the exhibitions. If you do not share this idea, you are welcome to enjoy these masterpieces.

Click here to find out about the current expositions as well as previous ones.

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