In the summer time, when the sun shines on the beaches of Barcelona, you can resist to the heat wave thanks to soft drinks, cocktails full of ice cubes and ice creams. Nevertheless, sometimes these measures are not enough to resist with efficiency when it is really hot. If you cannot stand the sun, put a hat on to avoid sunstroke or even better, go to IceBarcelona, which is the first bar made of ice on the beach.

Before you get in, the staff provides you with a furry jacket and warm gloves for you to bear the cold. If you come up with board shorts and sandals, you will not be able to stop dancing in order to feel warm. In IceBarcelona, the temperature is minus 5 degrees Celsius and almost everything is made of ice except the bottles, the television and the waiters!

If you want to drink a cocktail to quench your thirst, put your gloves on because drinks are served chilled in ice cube glasses. Once you hold your drink in your hands and if you are not frozen, maybe you can chill-out on one of the ice-benches with a design inspired by the curved benches of Park Güell. On the walls, made of ice cubes as well, there are ice sculptures such as Gaudi’s salamander and the Lion’s head, to be found next to a finished Sagrada Familia made of ice.

If you are interested in discovering this special place that has opened its ice doors in 2007, it is better to book online in advance because you can benefit from discounts and pay only 13,50 Euros for the entry and a cocktail.

Sometimes, companies organize events in IceBarcelona that also offers drinks on the 80m2 terrace which is located right in front the sea and next to the Clubs of the Olympic Harbor.

For further information about IceBarcelona, click on this link.

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