Delicious and healthy take-away spots!

Most of the time, eating “take away” means eating food that contains a lot fat and sugar and which becomes unhealthy if it is a daily consumption. Today, this statement is not true anymore thanks to small businesses whose mission is to offer you delicious but healthy food which is not that expensive. Moreover you can take it away, which means you don’t have to eat on the spot or at home. No, you can enjoy your meal in the park or on the beach in the summer.

These places are not as cheap as the Multinational Fast Food chains but they expand in Barcelona thanks to the support of their fans, mostly students and working people that don’t not have much time to eat.

To eat healthy and fresh food, you can go to many places. Let’s start with the Boqueria Market but you can also go to Pim Pam Burger, a family business that has opened its doors in 2004 at the number 4 of the Sabateret street.

To eat one of the best hot sandwiches, go to the Bo de B which is a small business located next to the General Spain Post Office and next to the harbor. The sandwiches are filled up with beef, chicken or salmon mixed with vegetables. This is a pleasure that won’t cost you more than 4 Euros, so do not hesitate to try it!

If you consider that meat is a murder or if you just feel like fish, try Sushi 10 that opened 4 restaurants in Barcelona (in the Gothic Neighborhood, Poble Nou, Born, Sants- Badal). They offer organic Japanese food to take away. There are different menus such as the Eco Sushi, the Sisplau Sushi or the Golden Box for groups of 5 or 6 hungry people.

If you prefer fresh meat, you will be satisfied with the offer of the Xarcuteria Margarit that prepares and elaborates 60% of the home-made food they sell. This meat is served with dry fruits, spinach and other vegetables cooked with vapor.

Fans of Italian food will be happy going to Da Giorgio, where you can eat pasta but also other specialties from the pizza´s country. In the capital of Catalunya, if you feel like pizza, you will not resist to the taste of the portions that you can take away from the Pizzeria Nova Fontana, near Lesseps in Gracia.

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