Cabalgata de Reyes 2012

La Cabalgata de Reyes or The Three Kings Parade in Barcelona is one of the biggest parade on Spain. On the evening of the 5th january the three kings, Balthasar, Gaspar and Melchior, arrive to the Barcelona’s Port where a lots of families recieve them with joy.

On the night of the three Kings of the East, children and adults fill the streets of Barcelona to attend the traditional parade. The three kings arrive by sea, and make a tour through the streets of Barcelona, ​​from the port to Montjuic, throwing candy to children on the streets and picking up cards with their wishes. Do not miss this exciting festival.

The Major of Barcelona will recieve the Three Kings in Moll de la Fusta at 17:00. After this, the parade will begin in Marquès de l’Argentera’s avenue at (18:30), then in Via Laietana (19.15h), in plaça Urquinaona (19.35h), then in plaça de Catalunya and Pelai’s street (19.45h), plaça de la Universitat i Ronda de Sant Antoni (20.05h), Sepúlveda’s street (20.30h), Paral·lel’s avenue (21.00h), Reina Maria Cristina’s avenue (21.20h).

If you don’t want to miss this beautiful festival, come to Barcelona this week, stay in our apartaments and enjoy a traditional fest for the whole family.

For more information about our apartaments and accomodations, visit us in: Barcelona4seasons

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