Valentin’s day in Barcelona

We are at the begining of January but a lot of people are already thinking about the 14 of February  and what to do on that special day. It is true that for many, this day is a very important date, and for others it is just another day, but you can not deny that we all know Valentin’s day and the atmosphere surrounding the date.
Valentine’s Day is known in some countries as the Day of Love and Friendship. It’s originally an Anglo-Saxon tradition that has been inserted in the culture of other countries and in which the lovers proclaim and express their love through gifts.
If you are planning to come to Barcelona for Valentine’s Day and make a special surprise for your partner, here we leave you different options you can do or give away.
For the romantics there are always the options of going to a nice restaurant and have a special dinner, go to a relaxation center and book a  simultaneously massage, to buy balloons and chocolates, and if  you don’t know how to cook, you can pay for a private chef, who will prepare your dinner at home.
There is also the option of renting a luxury car to surprise your partner, do a walking tour through Barcelona or go to a concert of your favorite music in the city that fits you. There are also the dinners-show events or to go to the theater to enjoy and relax for a couple of hours.
And finally if you are someone who is known by the name of Anti-Valentine’s DayBarcelona has a lot of bars, discos and clubs for dancing all night and meet new people that share your suspicion for Valentine’s Day.
So, if you’ve already decided, come to Barcelona, ​​choose your romantic activity of interest and enjoy all that the city has for you.
Visit our area of ​​apartments to find the perfect accommodation for those days.

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