Hotels and Restaurants at 50% discount in Barcelona

This week you can enjoy discounts of 50% in hotels and restaurants in Barcelona until next February 5th. Entertainment industry like theaters, cinemas, markets, galleries and museums are also participating on the Opportunity Week.
The proposal was launched by Barcelona Tourism and this year has reached its second edition adding 20% more operators who want to participate in the Opportunity Week.
The concept of the Opportunity Week is that the “barceloneces” can feel like tourists in their city. You’ll enjoy museums at half of their price or stay in a 4 or 5 stars hotels. Also you’ll be able to get discount in airline tickets and better prices in a wide selection of restaurants.
There are a total of 48 restaurants in the city of Barcelona that will discounts this week. There are restaurants that are going to offer a closed menu of 25 euros plus VAT. Also, those restaurants which are usually 70 euros menu, you can enjoy it for only 35 euros.
For more information on establishments that offer discounts on this Opportunity Week,  visit: and find all the necessary information.
Barcelona4Seasons also has a lot of discounts on accommodation for this week, so visit our area of apartments and decide it now.

One thought on “Hotels and Restaurants at 50% discount in Barcelona

  1. Great initiative! I’ve participated for a few years now, the experience wasn’t equally as good in all restaurants (In El Cangrejo Loco, for instance, we sort of felt cheated) but it’s still worth trying. Pity it only lasts one week 🙂

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