The Mecal 2012

The Mecal 2012


One of the most creative events in Barcelona on April 2012 is the international Festival of Movie Shorts in Barcelona, better-known as Festival Mecal, which took place in 1999 for the first time. This year, more than 4,500 short films were sent in.

From the 12th to the 19th of April Barcelona will change into the place to be for all the film lovers and hobby-directors. Not only the number of the films recieved this year, but also the locations of this event. Besides the usuals places such as Institut Francès de Barcelona, the MACBA and the Espai Cultural Caja Madrid, the festival will take place in the Fàbrica Moritz, the Antic Teatre, the Palau de la virreina and in the Girona Theatres, which will be the main locality of the event.

As in the last years, there will be three different competition categories: Internacional, Obliqua and Documental. But in addition there will also be innovations like a category dedicated to women with the title “Womart”, a special about Swiss short films or “sex and terror”. As well as in the last years this yeare there also will be a guest counrty, which this year will be Germany. For that reason the director  Fassbinder will paricipate in this14th Mecal.

If you want to visit this spectacular event and you are still searching for an accommodation, check our webiste

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