Weather in Barcelona

Barcelona’s climate is characterized by a Subtropcial-Mediterranean climate, which means that the summers are warm and it hardly rains, while the winters are mild (especially compared to other European cities).

As you can see in the following chart the average minimum and maximum temperatures in  Barcelona are quite enjoyable.

In the summer months, you will barely find a rainy day, and when it rains, it is just for a short time and then the sun will show up again. But the situation is different in the months October and April, which are the most rainy months. There is a Spanish saying “abril, agua mil”, which simply means that there is a lot of rain in April (“April, a thousands of water”). But the weather can be sunny and warm in autumn and spring as well. In the graph below, you can see the average of sunny and rainy days in Barcelona.

Don’t forget the beaches and the Mediterranean sea, that offer a perfect place to relax all year round. In summer, the beach and the sea invite you to cool down. But also in autumn or spring, you will have a lot of days where you can sit in swimming suits at the beach, as long as there is not too much wind. For all hardboiled, the swimming season continues all the year around, for “normal” people, the swimming season starts in May and ends in October. You can see the average water temperature per month in the following graph.

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