The Cranberries in Barcelona

The Cranberries are back in Spain to play aloud their new work Roses. The Cranberries are going to perform two concerts, one in Madrid and one in Barcelona in the Poble Espanyol on the 9th of July. Roses is their sixth studio album after they had 10 years without doing anything in the studio. Once before, 2 years ago, the Cranberries had been to Spain during their tour of reunification, who had thought that they will come back to Spain just 2 years later?

The album Roses features 11 songs, some of them can be heard from the official website of The Cranberries, so you can check out if it worthwile before buying the tickets. I am sure there will be just one answer for you 😉 .
As I already mentioned the concert will be held in Barcelona’s Poble Espanyol, which is not that far away from the “Plaça d’ Espanya”, so there is no problem to go by public transportation to the metro station “Espanya” and to walk the remaining way up to the Poble Espanyol. Don’t be afraid from the fact, that you have to go up a mountain, when you are arriving from Plaça d’Espanya you just have to walk down the Fira area in direction to the Palau Nacional and here comes the best, escalators which bring you to the top. From here it’s not very far to the Poble Espanyol.

This little map shows you the exact way.
Map Poble Espanyol
The tickets are already on sale right now and there are still some to buy. The cheapest tickets can be ordered easy and quick via ticketmaster, just click here.
When you are cominng to Barcelona for the concert, why don’t you stay a little bit longer to enjoy this awesome city? Feel homelike in one of our apartments of 

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