Happyland Music Festivals

On the 21th of July Barcelona is for one thing more worth visiting. From 6 pm to 6 am the Happyland Music Festivals will take place in Barcelona. This year, after two years of partying and celebrating the art of electronical music, it’s gonna celebrate its 3rd anniversary.
The very unique at this festival is, that world class DJs will share the stage to perform for you the electronical music at its best, who have never worked together before.

Happy Land Music Festivals celebrates its 3rd year with the launching of a new festival in a new city Barcelona, Spain. Some of the DJ who will participate are old and famous masters of electronical music. No one else as DJ Tiesto, Sebastian Ingrosso, Jessy, Nico Hamuy and many more will rock the stage with you.

You can assure yourself of that it is really worth it, just watch this Youtube video which the organizer of Happyland Music Festivals had uploaded on youtube.

Until now the organizer haven’t abandon the location where the festival will take part,although they posted on facebook 3 days ago, that they will announce it. So just wait and see!
Tickets are available here from 55€ .
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