Pride Barcelona 2012

This year Barcelona welcomes the Gay Pride for the fourth time. It is one of the most important LGBT pride festival in the Mediterranean. The main celebrations will be on the weekend of the 29th and 30th of June and 1st of July, but the entire festival includes a program that will be held from the 22th of June to the 1st of July!


Within this week you can see Barcelona at its best fun-loving side and you will enjoy a week full of culture, debates, parties, movies, sports and entertainment. It is certainly one of the most joyous parades this year, the streets of Barcelona will be full of moving cars and freedom-loving people from around the world who are called to celebrate in the streets dancing and beats.
The Gay Pride in Barcelona is more than just a huge celebration, as well as make cultural and sporting activities, exhibitions, music and movies are an event has to offer something for everyone.

This event creates a worldwide awareness of the LGBT community and the Gay Pride express many homosexuals that they are proud of their sexual inclinations, and they all want to encourage them to accept their sexual identity. You should act like you are is one of the message, you shouldn’t hide yourself. Due to the Gay Pride 2012 in Barcelona, thus pressing many gays and lesbians from their pride in a striking and colorful and cheerful manner in public. The Gay Pride Festival in Barcelona is currently the largest LGBT Pride of the Mediterranean dar. are expected again this year more than 100,000 visitors.
Numerous organizations and companies support the Gay Pride in Barcelona, and without the support of the sponsors of the event could also not take place. These include Barcelona Turisme, Schweppes, El Público or Estrella, to name just a few examples. The full list of sponsors and supporters can be found on the official website of the Gay Pride Barcelona.

The main location where the festival will take part is the Avenida Maria Cristina (next to the Fountain at Montjiuc). There will be stands all along the street, the so called “Village”.
More informations about the locations you can find on the official website.

Come to Barcelona and be witness of liberality and peaceful life together! If you are searching for an accommodations for these days, check out our apartments at

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