The Night of Museums: An experience to see and live!

52 museums in Barcelona and its metropolitan area will open their doors for free until dawn.
More than a hundred exhibitions and permanent collections can be visited, as well as concerts, dance performances, video installations, guided tours, workshops and activities for the whole family.
This year you can also discover how water came to the Barcino (how Barcelona was called by the Romans). A short tour will guide you through the final stretch of the aqueduct which in Roman times brought drinking water from a source of the river Besos.

The Night of Museums is an initiative promoted by the Council of Europe in which more than 3,000 museums in 40 countries participate.

A list of all museum who will participate you can see on the website of townhall of Barcelona.


SATURDAY 19 MAY 2012 19 TO 1h.

What does it cost?


This Saturday!!!

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