Sant Pol de Mar – the little oasis of tranquility

Are you tired of the crowded beaches of Barcelona in the summer months? You can’t stand the sand of the Playa of Barceloneta?

Sant Pol de Mar, just one hour northwards of Barcelona, offers you the perfect location to relax. The beaches of this little moony village invite you to dream away and to leave behind the everyday worries. If you are lucky and you are there pretty early, then maybe you can get on one of the small bays where you can stay alone without any other people who are disturbing you while playing beach volley or listening to loud music.

How to get to Sant Pol de Mar?
It’s pretty easy to get there. Just take a train from the stations Sants, Plaça Catalunya or Arc de Triomf and go by the line 1 in direction Maçanet- Massanes untill the station Sant Pol de Mar. This takes about an hour, but it’s definetly worth it! The return ticket costs about 8€.

Escape the tumult of the city Barcelona, for just one day and you will feel like a new man/woman.

You also want to comfortable and relaxed in Barcelona itself? Check out our apartments and you will feel almost like at home.

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