L’any que ve serà millor – in Theatre Condol

Four women are starring in L’any que ve serà millor, which is returning to the Theatre Condol to continue talking about the daily life of the crisis.

After the success of the Villaroel and in the theaters of Madrid, the show L’any que ve serà millor (Catalan for the next year will be better) is be playing again in Barcelona, now in the Theatre Condal, with the same four women protagonists who are staging the economic crisis in a very comical way.
the play was written by four hands for four women in this show, directed by Merce Vila Godoy, the stars put their chronic and realities in the service life of the viewer to deal with insecurity and dissatisfaction with a dose of smiles.

Authors: Marta Buchaca, Carol Lopez, Merce Sarrias and Victoria Szpunberg
Directorship: Mercè Vila Godoy
Cast: Neus Bernaus, Florejachs Alba, Mireia Pàmies and Vanessa Segura.

A collage of stories with humor and a touch of evil slime, pieces of life, chronic, cross talks with the reality of everyday life as the center daily and women who are acting like their role is real. Small pieces that form a single work written by four hands, performed by four women, the complicity of new talent ambitiously climbing stage of life and theater. Back to the essence of theater, with the power given to women to create a team and put on a show that shows us a humorous routine and the life we are living.

For more informations have a look at the official website: www.teatrecondal.cat

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