Don Bratwurst – a German paradise in Barcelona

Don Bratwurst himself

Spanish food offers a wide variety, also for meat lovers. I guess everyone agrees when I am saying that Spanish Jamón and Chorizo are unique and delicious, but what is wrong with Spanish sausages? They call it Frankfurter and Bratwurst, but everyone who knows what the real Frankfurter and Bratwurst taste like will be very disappointed. But there is a solution for this luxury problem, it’s called: Don Bratwurst.

Thanks to the huge serving of French fries you cannot see the sausage ;D

Don Bratwurst is a restaurant crammed full of football utensils and Jägermeister decoration, you are sitting on beer benches and on the TV you can watch the German Bundesliga – this place couldn’t be more German. When you enter the restaurant, “el Don”, Björn Lenz, welcomes you as if you would know each other for years. He’s really unique and always in the mood for a good joke.

Now, let us come to the really important part: the food. The concept is pretty easy: German beer and all the sausages you can imagine – Frankfurter, Krakauer, Brat – and Currywurst. His menu leaves nothing to be desired, the dishes are delicious and big, maybe even too big for the average Spanish hunger. Nevertheless, most guests of Don Bratwurst are Spanish, except during the weekend, when the German Bundesliga has it’s matchday and the games are broadcasted live. At the end of your meal, el Don doesn’t hesitate to invite you to have a cooled Jägermeister shot.

So if you have a craving for awesome German beer and sausages, you should definitely give it a try and probably this woun’t be your last visit.

How to get there?
The restaurant is located a little bit outside the city centre of Barcelona but nevertheless good connected to the public transport. You have to take the Line 5 (Blue Line) and get out the metro at station “Vilapicina”. Now it’s just a little walk up the hill until you reach Passeig de Fabra i Puig 374. The restaurant is on the right-hand side, to make it easier, just have a look at google maps.

For more informations check out the official website Don Bratwurst.


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