Primavera Sound Festival – for free

Arc de TriomfBesides the great concerts for which you have to pay, the Primavera Sound Festival also offers you free concerts. Yesterday, the 3rd June was the day. The mall around the Arc de Triomf change into a crowded place, full of people who were looking forward to see some great show, full of noise from talks and the music and full of people who were selling drinks of any kind. So the mood and atmosphere en general was just awesome, just concert like. Everyone was celebrating the line up:

18.00 – Lorena Álvarez y Su Banda Municipal
18.55 – Joe Crepúsculo
19.50 – Nacho Vegas
21.10 – Yann Tiersen
22.30 – Richard Hawley

But then in the pause of Nacho Vegas and just before Yann Tiersen was ready to rock the stage it began to rain, now it was raining pitchforks. So everyone was glad how were “standing under an umbrella ella ella….”

Nevertheless the atmosphere stayed great and the heaven did his best to give the audience some more “special effects”. And who can complain about something which he get for free? All in all: great concert! Thanks for that Primavera Sound !

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