Mountain of Montjuïc

Montjuïc is a backyard mountain of Barcelona from where you have a perfect and beautiful view over Barcelona.

There are different ways to go up to the top of the mountain. Above all, you can walk or you can relax and go up by a funicular railway and an aerial tramway.
So let’s come first to the more sporty way: walking up by foot.

I would suggest you to start at Plaça Espanya, because that’s also a more easy way to get up thanks to the automatic escalators that bring you from the bottom of the mountain to the Palau Nacional which is located on the hill, but not quite on the top. To the top it takes a little bit longer.

The Palau Nacional, official National Palau of Montjuïc, was constructed between 1926 and 1929, to be the main building of the International Exhibiton of Barcelona in the same year. Nowadays, it’s a museum of Catalan art, the National Art museum of Catalonia. So if you are interested in art, a visit is more than worthwhile, but let’s go on, our goal is still the top of Montjuïc.

We have to walk a little bit more, depending on how you would like to get to the fortress at the top. You have to go to the Passeig de Santa Madrona, where on the left and right there are beautiful gardens with hedges and trees giving you some cool shadow. At the end of the Passeig you have arrived at the station of the aerial tramway. If you feel sporty and fit enough, you can ignore it and go on walking straight up the curvy streets untill you have reached the Fortress of Montjuïc.

I would prefer the more comfortable way, going by the funicular railway and the aerial tramway, also because of the weather which can be very hot during the summer months and because of the fantastic views you have from the aerial tramway.

To get to the funicular railway you have to go by metro to the station Paral-lel by the purple or green metro line, then change to the funicular railway, which is part of the fare system of the TMB. The journey with the 1928 opened line lasts not more than 2 minutes. You will arrive just next to the station of the aerial tramway, so you just have to walk a few metres to change.

The aerial tramway costs 10 € for adults for a return journey and it’s open untill 10 pm, but have in mind that the fortress is opened until 9 pm.

The entrance to the Fortress of Montjuïc is free, now you can enjoy the beautiful views of Barcelona, the sea and the harbour.

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