Bó de B in Barcelona – a must if you love sandwiches

This little place is one of the best adresses in Barcelona for delicious and huge sandwiches at a low price.

There is always a long queue but it’s definitely worth waiting for this yummy sandwiches and of course it takes its time making a fresh sandwich. There is a big offer of various sandwiches, if you prefer chicken or meat or maybe the vegetarian version, for sure everyone get one’s money worth. After you have decided what kind of sandwich you would like, you can add various toppings like salad, tomatoes, rice, cucumber, peppers, olives and much more. And of course don’t forget to choose the sauce. I prefer the hot version with yoghurt or avocado sauce.

Prices: range between 3 and 3,80€

Where?: Carrer Fusteria 14 (corner carrer Merce) near the main post office (Correos) at the harbour.

After you have recieved your sandwich, you can sit down at one of the tables in the little diner or just walk a few 100 meters you to enjoy your meal at the harbour or at the steps of the post office over the way.

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