Pipa Club Barcelona

There is one bar in Barcelona that only locals and good informed tourists know about. I am talking about the little hidden bar located at one of the most touristic places in Barcelona, the Plaça Real. However, the bar is so unremarkable  that it escapes from the rush of tourists.

There is just a little black door between all the big cafes and restaurants with its terraces and you’ll have to ring the bell which says Pipa Club and someone will answer you at the door and then you have to go upstairs to the second floor. Don’t be afraid of how the staircase looks like, sometimes the light isn’t working, but don’t hesitate… when you enter the Pipa Club on the second floor, you will enter a different world of bygone times. The bar with its different rooms really looks like you coold meet Sherlock Holmes just at the next table. The atmosphere is just unique…but you have to try it for yourself ! It’s opened everyday more or less from 23:00

Here is the address: Plaça Real 3 in Barcelona

For more informations check out the official website.

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