The Giants of Barcelona

The Giants of Barcelona, big figures that appear on every celebration or festivity, bringing joy and fun, a tradition that lasts…

The origins of the gegants (giants) can be found in the Catholic Church’s efforts in the Middle Ages to share Bible stories with an illiterate public, which gave rise to theatrical representations of key concepts and feast-days, such as Corpus Christi. They included dragons (representing evil), eagles, lions and oxen. On the human side, David and Goliath are featured, along with the four Evangelists and Saint Christopher carrying a child.

From the 15th Century, the giants have lightened every festivity, parade across the streets, spreading joy, happiness and admiration, as it is a tradition that holds over time, despite the political adversities.  It has become a symbol of Barcelona and Catalonia, just as “els castellers”, getting to be recognized worldwide and conquering adults and kids from everywhere.

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