Ride your way across the city!

What are GoCars? A GoCar is a talking car, a tour guide, a trusty co-pilot and a local on wheels. The GoCar has an on board computer with GPS, which does all the thinking for you. This means you can relax and enjoy the city without constantly consulting your map! At the moment the GoCar comes in different models, the classic open-roof scooter style vehicule and the new electric Twizy.

The GoCar offers you 3 different routes. The Green route goes along the beach, the red route takes you through uptown Barcelona and the Blue route shows you all the main highlights of the city, in particular the Montjuic area. After leaving the GoCar office your GPS guide starts talking. It gives you a short introduction and then tells you which way to go or where to turn. The volume can be turned up or down, so don´t worry about not hearing the instructions.

So what are the differences between the two cars? The ´´old´´ GoCar is like a scooter, the car is open and the two passengers can sit next to each other. Both passengers wear helmets. The Electric GoCar is more like a small car; it is very quiet and drives smoothly. You press the gas and the brakes with your feet and passengers don’t need to wear helmets. The GoCar adventure happens at your pace. You can stop for photos, take detours, grab a coffee or a lunch break or you can blaze your own trail and explore the city streets and neighborhoods on your own!


GoCars hold a maximum of 2 people. Drivers must be 21 years or older to rent. Must possess a credit card and a valid driver’s license. GoCars only accommodate car seats for children on electric cars from 3 years old. The minimum age to be a GoCar  passenger on a Trigger vehicle is 7 years old, all participants under age 18 must do it with written authorization from their parents. On the day of rental, a 300€ security deposit will be held on a credit card until the GoCar is returned. All riders must sign a standard participant agreement. Renters will have the option to purchase Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance on the day of rental for 9,90€. Renters are free to extend the length of their tour on the day of rental. Additional rental time will be charged at standard rates.
Pickup and Drop-off location
The tour starts from Carrer Freixures 23bis bajos; 100m from the Cathedral, in front of Santa Caterina Market. (Closest Metro stops are Jaume1-Yellow line or Urquinaona -Red Line). Drop-off is at the starting point.
*Opening Hours
GoCar opens from 9:00 to 21:00 Monday to Sunday from March till October, 10:00 to 19:00 November to February, closed on January 1st & December 25th.
Please check the latest information on their websitehttp://www.gocartours.es/en
And if you need a place to stay after your tour, don’t forget to check out our apartments at www.barcelona4seasons.com !

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