El Molino: a cabaret music hall full of history


El Molino dates back to 1898, when the tavern “La Pajarera” was sold. The new owner changed the name in “La Pajarera Catalana”, a “tablao” that became a referent in the Paral·lel avenue.

In 1908, the building changed owners and was renamed the “Petit Moulin Rouge”, referring to the famous Parisian Moulin Rouge, and trying attract cabaret shows from Paris and give them a Spanish flavour.

At the end of the Civil war, the Music hall changed name once again to the current name “El Molino”, because the French name was completely prohibited.

In the 1940s, El Molino became a singular and unique Theatre, the liberal flair is present in this popular club. Legendary artists, such the famous “Bella Dorita” (the first star in this theatre) or Mary Mistral, Mirco, Pipper, Johnson, Escamillo, Christa Leem, La Maña y Merche Mar have all performed at “El Molino”.

In 1976, El Molino won the first edition of the FAD Sebastià Gasch awards for the Paratheatrical Arts.

A few years later, the architect ‘Josep Alemany i Juvé’ remodeled the façade and the turning sails characterizing the building turned it into a true icon of the Avenue Parallel.

The saddest day in its history was in 1997 when El Molino closed its doors after years of decline.  It wasn’t until thirteen years later that the company Ociopuro SL purchased the building, thinking of the incalculable historical and sentimental value that “El Molino” had to Barcelona, and restored and adapted the location for the new century.

On October 18th, “El Molino” opened its doors again to became a city icon once more.

Currently, the façade of El Molino is a fabulous show of led lighting offering a truly unique visual display. The main hall seats 250 people and the Golden Bar is an stylish cocktail bar with terrace and views over the Parallel avenue.

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