Christmas traditions in Catalunya

In Catalunya we have our own Christmas traditions: el Tió, and the Caganer are two of them. Let’s see what they are!

IMG_0486The Tió is a magic log that poos presents on Christmas Eve. The tradition says that we have to start feeding it on the Feast of Immaculade, the 8th december. Normally children gives him tangerines at night before they go to sleep.

To make sure Tió does a good poo we beat him with a stick and sing this song: “Caga Tió, Tió de Nadal / No caguis arengades, que són salades / Caga torrons, que són més bons!” This translates as ” Caga Tió, Christmas Tió / Don’t poo sardines, which are salty / Poo turrons, which are nicer!”

Sweets, turrons, and some little presents for the children, are some of the surprises you should find when you lift the little blanket that keeps Tió warm.

IMG_0371The Caganer is a figure that you can only found in the Nativities from Catalunya and Valencia. The figure is a shepherd hidden behind a tree while he relieves himself. And the traditions says that if you have one in your nativity you will be lucky. The caganer’s fame is such that, these days, he is given the face of famous people in the news – politicians, sportsmen and women, and people from the world of entertainment.

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