Human statues in La Rambla

They are quiet and look at you when you pass by their side. If you touch them or give them some coins, they will move and you can take a picture with them.

There are around 30 human statues and they stand close to each other: Galileo, the famous Italian astronomer and physicist, a cowboy, Julius Caesar, the Roman… These are the human statues of La Rambla!

For years, many people have done human statues all around La Rambla. You can see different characters, from Bart Simpson to Frankenstein. Some were great and some a little worse so to avoid crowds and give quality to the different shows, this year the city council has decided to make a regulation and do not let more than 30 artists working there. Each one of them has passed a hard casting.

Now you can see human statues in Rambla de Santa Monica, the bottom of the Ramblas, near the sea.


If you walk around there, don’t miss them!

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