Street musicians in Barcelona

4468845123_f7bcc2f672 (1)

If you walk around Barcelona, you can listen and watch many street musicians. They are mostly found in the Old Town (Ciutat Vella), Parc Güell and in the metro.

These musicians play different styles and make people have some fun … and they hope that you will give them some coins or buy their CD’s! From jazz to rock, tribal rhythms, Latin music or chill out … these musicians play all kinds of music!

These musicians pass strict tests because they must be allowed to play in the streets by the city town. So, if you find them, you will enjoy it a lot!

In principle, they can play in Ciutat Vella, on the subway and in some parks such as Parc de la Ciutadella (in this case without amplifiers).

In Ciutat Vella district they can play in twenty sites. Have you heard any of them?

In addition, each year the Underground Music Festival takes place in the metro station “Universitat” on Line 1.

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