Festes de la Laia: winter festival in Barcelona


Next weekend Barcelona celebrates the festivities of Laia. Santa Eulalia, its diminutive is Laia, is the second patron saint of Barcelona and is the reason to celebrate winter festivals in the city.

The festivities begin Saturday 9 and end on Monday 18 February.

One of the more traditional events is Tuesday 12 with Walk of Laie where there will be lots of dancing giants in the city.

Saturday 16 at 20pm start at Plaça de Sant Jaume Protocols of the Eagle City, which the City Eagle, Eagle Reus Barcelona Colonel, the Lion, the giant Santa Maria del Mar and Trabucaires Perot Rocaguinarda start of a journey to Santa Maria del Mar church. Do not miss the dance, inside the Basilica, both star in Eagles: The Barcelona and Reus.

Sunday, 17, at 10 am, celebrated the event’s oldest festivals of Santa Eulalia, the Giants meeting in the Old City. Come and see how the Royal Plaza fills giants Barcelona and all come from different towns in Catalonia. All have been invited to the festive imagery of Old Town, the feast of Santa Eulalia. Know them before participating on the day, the parade of Santa Eulalia.

If you have any information on the winter celebration this site you can watch Barcelona in Catalan: http://www.bcn.cat/santaeulalia/ca/programacio.html

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