Enjoy Barcelona during the Easter break

Huevos de Pascua de colores

Take advantage of the Easter break to visit Barcelona! At the end of March, the days are getting longer and the temperatures are perfect for comfortable city visits. Most museums and tourist attractions remain open during the holidays, so you won’t miss out on anything.

Easter, or Semana Santa in Spanish, starts on Sunday March 24th and lasts until Easter Monday on April 1st. Enjoy the processions taking place in Barcelona, where figures are taken out of churches and cathedrals and are carried to the Cathedral of Barcelona. These figures usually represent Christ on the cross or carrying the cross, but also the Virgin Mary can be seen.

The people in these processions wear beautifully decorated clothes and the vehicles are impressive. When the processions arrive at the Cathedral of Barcelona, the figures receive the Seven Word Sermon. Palm leaves, laurel and olive branches are blessed as well. Afterwards, the figures are carried back to their parish churches.

Catalonia and Barcelona also have typical food traditions to celebrate Easter. Keep an eye on our blog because we will talk about the delicious Easter plates soon!

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