Maria Canals – International Music Competition in Barcelona


Are you a music lover and currently in Barcelona? Then don’t miss this music competition!

From March 7th until March 22nd of March, Maria Canals organizes its 59th International Music Competition in Barcelona, the so-called “world capital of the piano”. During this period, two pianos can be found throughout Barcelona. One is located at the entrance of the metro station “Diagonal”, the other one moves everyday through all neighbourhoods of Barcelona. You can recognize them thanks to the text “Tu hi toques?” (“Do you play here?” in Catalan).

Don’t hesitate to put yourself behind the piano and play: it is free! And if you would like to enter the contest, let someone make a video while you’re playing. There are 3 categories for young people and one for all adults. The winners can play at the Winner’s Concert on March 22nd!

If you cannot play the piano but you like listening to it, make sure to check out the different concerts taking place. You can find the calendar of concerts and activities here: . Or you can just enjoy the music played by different people on the street.

Have a musical stay in Barcelona!

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