Mona de Pascua


Easter is arriving and this is good news for all those who like sweets! (And who doesn’t?)

As Spain is a catholic country, it holds on to its catholic traditions that accompany Easter. One culinar tradition that is still very popular is the “Mona de Pascua”. The name comes from the Arab language and literally means “provision for the mouth”. Well yes, after 40 days of fasting, sweets even do taste better!

The traditional mona is a cake that can have different forms. However, they often have the form of an animal such as a snake, a lizard or an ape (mono/mona means ape in Spanish). The cake is decorated with hardboiled eggs, often painted in joyful colours. Nowadays, you can find cakes in all kind of formats and editions, and the hardboiled eggs are often replaced by chocolate figures like the Easter bunny or Easter chocolate eggs.

On Palm Sunday, godfathers and godmothers take their godchildren to the countryside for a relaxed day and eat the mona together. On Easter Monday, families get together and share the mona and a rich meal. These days are filled with joy and happiness and brings families together. So don’t forget to buy a mona during Easter and share it with your friends or family to have a wonderful day among your beloved ones!

Happy Easter!

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