La Ruta de la Sal


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During this Easter weekend, the 26th Edition of the “Ruta de la Sal” (Salt Route) will start. Over the years, this event has grown out to be one of the biggest sailing races in the Mediterranean.

There are two versions of the route: one starts from the port in Barcelona and the other one from the port in Denia. The first route represents a distance of 140 miles, the second one is 120 miles. Both routes arrive in Ibiza during the weekend after approximately 4 days at sea.

The very first edition of this competition took place in 1846 in order to save Barcelona from a serious lack of salt and had 13 participants. In 1991, the current competition was started to commemorate this historical event. This year, some 170 yachts will take part in the competition with 1500 participants from 10 different European countries.  Wave them goodbye from Port Ginesta at 10h on Thursday March 28th !

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