Mecal Pro 2013 – International Short Film and Animation Festival of Barcelona


On Thursday April 4th, Mecal Pro 2013 or the International Short Film and Animation Festival of Barcelona, kicks off. During 16 days, film lovers can enjoy more than 300 short films from 35 countries in a wide variety of genres at various locations in Barcelona. Tickets are available per session, per day or for the whole festival.

All short films are divided in 4 categories and take part in competitions. The international short films are shown in 6 different sessions and allow spectators to discover a variety of short films from all over the world. The “oblique” category takes place in 4 sessions and shows the most creative and original films. The documentary short films are currently very popular and within this category, the public will be able to choose the winner. The last category is brand new and features 5 sessions of animation short films.

Another feature of this film festival is the guest country. This year, Finland has a special place within the festival and offers its own selection of classic and new short films in a variety of genres. Further, there are some conferences on the topic of short films. For instance, the creator of the famous cartoon “Cat Man Do” will be present to give a conference on his experience.

All films are subtitled, so don’t miss this event!

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