Barcelona’s beaches

Anything more relaxing than lying on the beach during a sunny weekend? Barcelona offers 4.2 km of beaches for everyone!


The most popular and easiest reachable beaches in Barcelona are Platja Barceloneta and Platja Nova Icària. You will find a lot of entertainment, bars to have an aperitif and restaurants to eat a good paella. Close to these beaches, there are also some interesting architectural sights, like “Hotel W” that looks like a sail and “L’Estel Ferit” (“La Estrella Herida” in Spanish), better known as “Los Cubos”. The giant fish “Peix” serves as the borderline between the two popular beaches of Barceloneta and Nova Icària.926510_596133043835100_1708355839_n

Architecture and art on Barcelona’s beaches: “Los Cubos”, “Peix” and Hotel W

Platja Mar Bella is mostly visited by younger people and is gay-friendly. It is also the unofficial nudist beach of Barcelona, although you can go there wearing a swimming suit too. There is a sport centre nearby for those of you who feel like sailing, surfing or windsurfing.

Platja Bogatell is a rather quiet and very large beach. As it is not very touristic, there are not a lot of bars and restaurants, but instead of trying to find some room on the crowded central beaches, you will easily find your own little space here. Sportsmen also will feel at ease on this beach, as there are windsurfing and kayak facilities. It is also perfect for a nice walk along the seaside.

Whatever you are up to at the beach, it is worth having a drink or a snack in one of the many “chiringuitos”. These are little huts located on the beach where you can have an aperitif while enjoying a wonderful sight on the beach and the sea. In the evening, you may find a DJ playing and enjoy Barcelona’s night life on the beach!

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Typical chiringuito on the beach

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