Day trip to Montserrat

Thinking about doing a daytrip to somewhere close to Barcelona? If you have the time, you cannot miss a visit to the mountains of Montserrat!

The mountains of Montserrat are located at approximately 50 km northwest of Barcelona and can be easily reached by train. The highest point, Sant Jeroni, is at 1236 m and thus offers you spectacular views over Catalonia’s countryside. The name Montserrat literally means “sawed mountain”, a name it thanks to its strange forms. Thanks to a unique mix of components, these mountains are very resistant to erosion.


Mountains of Montserrat

The history of Montserrat started in 880, when some children saw a light descending into the mountains. A little bit later, a sculpture of the Virgin Mary was found in a cave and a Benedictine monastery was build to venerate her. It is special because it is black (also called “La Moreneta” in Spanish), one of the few in Europe. She is now the patroness of Catalonia.


 Monastery of Montserrat

Since 1987, Montserrat is a national park and it is nowadays visited by many pilgrims, hikers, climbers and tourists from all over the world. You can get to Montserrat by taking the R5 train at Plaça de Espanya in Barcelona. This one-hour ride takes you either to the Aeri cable-car or the Cremallera funicular. Both take you to the monastery on the mountain. Here you can visit the Basilica, see the sculpture of the Virgin Mary and enjoy the boy’s choir everyday at 1 pm. At the main square, you will also find a museum with works from El Greco, Picasso, Dalí and an Egyptian mummy.


 Mountains of Montserrat and views

At the monastery, various hiking tours start, of which the main ones will take you to Sant Jeroni, the highest point of the mountains (1236 m). These walks will offer you fantastic views of the mountains, the monastery and the countryside! You can also admire the many climbers on the rocks. Don’t forget to put on your sport shoes and comfortable clothes if you want to spend your day hiking! It’s also better to take a picnic, as places to eat are limited (only at the centre) and very expensive at Montserrat.


Have a nice day at Montserrat! If you have been there, what are your opinions? Share your ideas and tips with us! And feel free to share your pictures with us on FacebookTwitter or Pinterest via the hashtag #aptb4s.

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