L’ou com balla or the dancing egg

Have you ever seen a dancing egg? It is a tradition that started in the 16th century for the celebration of Corpus Christi, also known as The Most Holy Blood and Blood of Christ, or simply the Eucharist. The dancing egg, or “l’ou com balla” in Catalan, is not a general catholic tradition, but specific to Barcelona, and extended to some other cities in Catalonia recently. It is celebrated on Thursday after Trinity Sunday, but celebrations continue until Sunday.


This tradition supposedly started at the Cathedral of Barcelona, where they put an egg on the fountain and if it keeps dancing the whole day, it is a good sign! But how is it possible that this egg keeps dancing without falling? Well, the eggs are empty inside and that’s why they seem to float and dance on the water. Furthermore, the fountains are decorated nicely with flowers and fresh fruit, resulting in a special atmosphere for this little spectacle. Nowadays, you can find dancing eggs in several holy places around the city from Thursday to Sunday.


Besides the dancing eggs, Corpus Christi is celebrated with processions leaving from the churches and cathedrals. Processions are held in Barcelona on Sunday evening. They include giants and emblematic animals like the lion and the dragon. The Castellers also build their human castels.

It is a very special tradition and typical for Barcelona. If you would like to come to Barcelona to see these traditions, check out our apartments on www.barcelona4seasons.com

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