Sónar 2013

Sónar, also known as the International Festival of Advanced Music and New Media Art, is celebrating its 20th anniversary! It is a prestigious festival organized every year in 5 different cities around the world (Reyjkavik, Cape Town, Tokyo, Sao Paulo and Barcelona).

The main theme of the festival is music, more specifically electronic music. Not only will you find big names, for instance Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys and Two Door Cinema Club, but also emerging talents are given the chance to grow their careers.

Sónar offers more than 80,000 visitors the chance to enjoy innovating music and art during 3 days and nights. Sónar by Day takes place in the city centre, in the Centre of Contemporanean Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) and the Museum of Contemporanean Art of Barcelona (MACBA) in the district of El Raval, known for its highly artistic and innovative spirit. It offers promising bands and artists a stage to expand their success.

Sónar by Night, on the other hand, takes place in the exposition centre of Fira de Montjuïc and offers the visitors bigger shows with big international names of the electronic music scene.

More than being just another music festival, Sónar also brings together more than 3,500 professionals of the music industry and organizes innovating workshops in the area called Sónar+D. Their aim is to bring together creativity, technology, mobility, innovation and business. Also, conferences and networking events are being organized.

And it doesn’t stop there! Besides music, SonarCinema offers the visitors innovative and artistic videos, for example the one below. For the big fans of Sónar, SonarRadio offers them the chance to listen to music and stay up to date about the latest news in the industry and the festival all year round.

For all information about the festival, check their website.


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