Catalan cuisine: esqueixada de bacallá

Today, we will present you the esqueixada de bacallá, a typical Catalan dish. If you want to learn more about Catalan cuisine, click here.



The esqueixada de bacallá is a salad, very easy to prepare, very healthy and delicious! Here is what you need to prepare it: 3 or 4 tomatoes, a piece of codfish, a green pepper, a red pepper, an onion, black olives and herbs.

The most difficult part is to desalt the codfish. To do so, you need to put it in water for 24 hours. When this is done, you need to squeeze it with your hands to get all the water out. Traditionally, the crude codfish is then teared in pieces to mix it in the salad.

Finishing is the easy part: cut the tomatoes, peppers and onions in pieces. Add the olives, salt and pepper. Pour olive oil and vinegar on the codfish-vegetables mix you just made. Mix it all together and… ready!

Enjoy your meal! 🙂

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