El Creu: hidden spots in Park Güell

Everyone has heard of Parc Güell with its Dragon and mosaic benches and it is world-famous. However, this park overloaded by tourists still has its hidden spots. Today we present you the “Turó de les Tres Creus” (Catalan for “Tower of the three Crosses”), well-hidden in the upper part of the park and not known by many people.


This tower of stone is located on the highest top of Park Güell. You can climb the tower on the two sides by steps. On the top, you will find a platform with three crosses, hence the name. The two little crosses indicate the four wind directions, while the big one points to the sky.

The tower is high enough to look over the trees. On this little square, you often find musicians playing. Climb the tower, sit down and enjoy the music, make a tour around the platform and enjoy a 360º view over Barcelona!

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