Rambla del Raval

As we already wrote in our article about Rambla de Catalunya, Barcelona doesn’t stop at “La Rambla”. There are various other ramblas in Barcelona, amongst others Rambla del Raval, one of the youngest ramblas in Barcelona (built in 1955).

It is located in the heart of the district Raval, also called ChinaTown, known for its artists, multiculturalism and nightlife. Whereas this district had a rather bad reputation until recently, the government has been working hard to revive this neighbourhood and make it more attractive.


Just like the other ramblas, Rambla del Raval is a large boulevard with lots of green, nice bars and restaurants. At the end of the Rambla del Raval, you will find a large bronze statue of a cat, El Gat, by the artist Fernando Botero.

It is certainly worth it to walk through this neighbourhood and to enjoy a drink or some tapas on one of the restaurants on this Rambla. Feel free to share your pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest via the hashtag #aptb4s.

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