Panoramic views in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that has it all: culture, nature, mountains and sea. The mountains around the city allow you to discover the most amazing views over the city. Here we will suggest you some of the most beautiful panoramic spots in Barcelona!

As for the seaside, you can get wonderful views of the port and the beaches from the top of Montjuïc, where you can enjoy these views from the Castle. You can also get beautiful views from the top of the Mirador de Colón, located at the end of the Ramblas and in front of the Old Port and Rambla de Mar. If you go to the castle of Montjuïc by cable car, you will also be able to enjoy splendid views.


Panorama from the top of Montjuïc

To look over the city, you will have to climb the mountains on the other side. The most known spot for panoramas is Parc Guëll, for instance from El Creu, but there are other and better spots to be found. You can go to the highest point in Barcelona, at the top of Tibidabo. Also, from the Park del Guinardó, you will have beautiful views.


Panorama from Parc del Guinardó

Last but not least, we will reveal you the best panoramic spot, where you have a 360º sight over Barcelona: the bunker. We must admit it is quite a climb, but it is certainly worth it, as you can see on the picture below. As not many tourists know this spot, you will be able to take as many pictures as you want without too much people on it.


Enjoy our beautiful Barcelona from up above!

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