Tibidabo, or the Magic Mountain

Tibidabo, also called the Magic Mountain, is located on the highest spot in Barcelona: 512 meters. Therefore, it allows you wonderful views over the city. Furthermore, you will find one of the oldest attraction parks in Europe: it is more than a century old!

To get there, you can take the Tramvia Blau at Avenida Tibidabo. This little blue tram was the first tram in Barcelona and will take you up to the funicular. From the top of the mountain, you can get even higher by getting into the viewpoint. Eating in the restaurant also gives you breathtaking views.


Tramvia Blau

There are two options to discover the park and the mountain. If you like walking, you can opt for the Camí del Cel, or the Sky Walk. This is a walk across the mountain which will give you both wonderful views over the city and access to some of the most emblematic attractions in the park. The other option is the entrance to the whole attraction park Tibidabo. One of its most emblematic attractions is the Mirror House and the Museum of Automates.

If you have the time, and especially if you are visiting Barcelona with children, you cannot miss a visit to this wonderful place filled with nostalgia. You can see the Expiatory Temple of the Sagrada Corazón from many points in the city and you can make sure that the kids will keep talking about it! Feel free to send us your pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest via the hashtag #aptb4s.


Panorama from Tibidabo

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