Museums Barcelona

When autumn is just around the corner with the weather becoming cooler and cooler, people seek themselves from the beaches to find new activities. One activity that is rather good if one wants to learn more about Barcelona and Catalonian history. Is to visit the different museums! Barcelona has a very wide offers on different kinds of museums. Here you can find everything from art to science to architecture and chocolate.

If you don’t know which museums to choose, then Google Maps is a good program for finding different museums in Barcelona! Just write museums barcelona and google map will show you some of the museums in Barcelona.
One of the greatest things with museums in Barcelona, except that they are amazing, is that many of them have free entrances on the first Sunday of each month or on every Sunday after 15:00 p.m. And even some other days too. For those which are on budget travelling. 

We will give you a list of a few museums that have free entrances and that is one of the must go in Barcelona if one is interested that is!

Museu D’Historya de Catalunya

 A museum that tells and shows the history of Catalonia, entrance fee is 4 euros except the first Sunday of each month when it is free entrance.


Museu Blau

Is a great place to visit as a family as the museum is both interesting for adults and children with the wide range of displays from nature, science discoveries and a lot more! If one is interested in modern science, our environment and earth itself one should go to this museum! The building itself is a spectacular view as it is now one of Barcleonas cultural icons.

Entrance fee is 6 euros, except for every first Sunday each month and every Sunday from 15:00 p.m. when it’s free to entrance.


Museu de La Xocolata 

If you like chocolate and wants to know its origin and history the Museu de La Xocolata is the place to visit. Entrance cost 5 euros and it is free on every first Monday of each month.


Museu Nacional D’Art de Catalunya (MNAC)

MNAC is the art museum in Barcelona with over 1000 years of art! There you can find all sorts of art like paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and more. It shows the Catalan art history from Romanesque period to the mid-twentieth century. MNAC also have severeal collections, most of them from Catalan artists, which shows the Modernisme, Nouctisme and the Avant-garden. Now and then they got different kinds of exhibitions. If you like art and history it’s a place one has to visit! Normal ticket cost 12€, every first Sunday each month the entrance fee is for free!


Caixa Forum

Caixa Forum is a place for different kinds of event such as music concerts, exhibitions, conferences and modernisme. The building itself has a great history background with great arcitectures and the use of building, visit the place and find out more about Caixa Forum.

1-CaixaForum-BarcelonaMuseu Picasso 

It is maybe one of Barcelonas most famous museum as it shows Picassos life and art. This musem is great to visit if one wants to know more abot Picasso and his different works.  The entrance fee is 11€ and it’s for free every first Sunday of each month and every Sunday after 15:00 p.m.


These are just a few of many museums in Barcelona. If you want to see other museums go to Lonley planet that has a very good list of museums in Barcelona.

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