L’Aquàrium de Barcelona

When you are in Barcelona there is a lot to see Guadis masterpieces, marketplaces, architecture, museums and so on. One of the greatest “museums” though is the L’Aquarium de Barcleona.

The Aquarium has a lot to offer but the most famous is the Oceanarium which is one of a kind in Europe. You can walk in an 80 meters long tunnel in the Oceanarium just as you were walking on the ocean floor surrounded with sharks, sting rays and several other fishes.

The Oceanarium is 5 meters depth and has a diameter of 36 meters plus it contains about 4 million litres of water. It is the biggest aquarium tank in Barcelona.


Then there is Mediterranean aquariums that have 14 different aquariums which each aquarium contains different marine communities from the Mediterranean.

Tropical aquariums have 7 aquariums that are concentrated on the coral reef niche. These aquariums contain fishes and sea organisms in all the rainbows colours.


There are also aquariums that contain specific sea organisms that offer you to get a closer look on the sea life that might go unnoticed in a large aquarium. The themed aquariums give you the opportunity to see such small details such as seahorses, shark eggs, invertebrates and a lot more.

L’Aquàrium de Barcelona also gives you Planeta Aqua, which will give us more information about how different kinds of organisms have evolved to the aquatic environments such as cold, darkness of the depth, tropical warm waters etc. In Planeta Aqua one can learn more about phenomena as natural camouflages, symbiosis and different kinds of oceanography and environmental secrets.

penguins (1)

If you are one of the adventures type you can go and dive with the sharks if you want to. L’Aquàrium de Barcelona gives you the opportunity to spend time close to real sharks. If that is too extreme for you, you can also choose to be with shark from a shark cage. Similar to diving with sharks but instead you have a iron grid between you and the sharks.


For children they have sleepovers. The children will sleep one night at L’Aquàrium de Barcelona among sharks and up to 8,000 other fishes.

You will find L’Aquàrium de Barcelona next to Maremagnum at after La Rambla de Mar.

L’Aquàrium de Barcelona is a place for adults and children, couples and families it is a place for everyone!

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