45 Voll-Damm Festival Internacional de Jazz de Barcelona 2013

If you are a Jazz fan or just like good music in friendly atmosphere. The upcoming Jazz Festival in Barcelona is an event for those who like music. The Festival is kind a special as it does take place during one and a half month, from Saturday 19th October to Saturday 1st December.


The festival is one of Europe’s main Jazz events with performances of world class. During their schedule the Barcelona Jazz Festival has over 50 concerts in about 20 venues all over Barcelona. Some of the concerts is also for free.

Some of the main venues for the Barcelona Jazz festival are L’Auditori, Palau de la Musica, Harlem Club, Sala Luz de Gas, La Liceu and BARTS. Each of these places is official for the Barcelona Jazz festival. However there will be Jazz music throughout Barcelona during the whole festival.

As the Executive chairman of the project, Tito Ramoneda, said: “Este es el grito de guerra del festival este año. Un recuerdo presente durante todo el festival hacia una de las grandes leyendas que la música nos ha dado. Bebo Valdés nos dejó esta primavera a los 94 años”.

Something like this “This is the battle cry of the festival this year. A memory to represent throughout the festival to one of the great legends that music has given us. Bebo Valdes, who left us this spring at age 94”.

We will give you a list of some of the great artist that will show their musical talent for you during the Barcelona Jazz Festival 2013.

Rumba para Bebo

During this festival there will be a tribute for Bebo Valdes. Valdes died in March this year, 94 years old. He was a Cuban pianist, band leader, arranger and composer. Who had a lot of concerts in the Americas and Europe. Valdes also was one of the founders of Latin jazz plus that he was the man who brought Afro-Cuban sacred rhythms to popular dance music. He has won several awards for his music. (29th October at BARTS ).


Jamie Cullum

Is a Jazz-pop singer from England, he is mainly a vocalist but he also plays instruments such as piano, guitar and drums. He recently, this spring, released he’s sixth studio album Momentum which got good critics from the LondonJazzNews. They say Jamie Cullum is a Duracell battery full of energy and if one like to get up and moving Jamie Cullum’s – Momentum is the album to listen to. (28th November at Barts).

jamie cullum

Chucho valdés

Is the son of the famous Bebo Valdes, though Chucho Valdes is pretty famous himself as he has won several GRAMMY awards and is one of the most influential musicians in modern time of Afro-Cuban Jazz. He is also a pianist, composer and arranger as he’s father, Bebo, was.  (30th October at Palau de la Música Catalana).


Esperanza Spalding

Spalding is an American jazz bassist, cellist and singer. She has 4 solo albums with the latest release in 2012 with album, the Radio Music Society. In 2011 she won the Grammy Awards for the best new artist and the Boston Music Awards for Jazz artist of the Year. She has won several other Awards also.
Spalding is an artist that is really talented in her genre. (14th November, Palau de la Música Catalana).


The Cat Empire 

The Cat Empire is an Australian band that don’t really have a genre. They can play several genres in one song so it is hard to say in what genre they are based in. As they mixture blues, jazz, reggae, funk, latin, gypsy, hip hop, ska and many other genres in their songs. The band says about themselves they don’t really care about what genre they are in as long as the crowd and fans are happy and that they can get the crowd moving when they start to play at a concert. It is a band worth seeing if you like to jump and dance! (9th November at Razzmatazz).


Richard Bona

Bona is Jazz bassist and musician from Cameroon. At an early age he moved to Paris and a few years after that he moved to New York. In both cities he got a reputation as one of the most interesting jazz bass players during he’s time there. He released the album Bonafield during this spring. Bona plays with a personal style that tells stories from his past. (20th October at BARTS).


Avishai Cohen

Cohen is one of the most successful jazz players from Israel who moved to New York for studying jazz music. There he played with several bands and in several small clubs before he’s breakthrough in 1990’s. He has been part of different bands since. He blends jazz with Middle-Eastern melodies which gives him is own niche in the jazz world.
He released an album, Duende, in 2012 with Nitai Hershkovits and they will play at Barcelona Jazz festival. (22th November at BARTS).


Jack DeJohnette

DeJohnette is an American jazz drummer and pianist who have played with the famous Miles Davis. He is on of the most famous jazz drummer in the U.S. He is a legend among Jazz musicians. Don Byron will play with his group. (15th November at BARTS).


Dianne Reeves

Reeves is an American Jazz singer plus the most famous jazz singer in the world. She has collaborated with several famous artists and is well known for her powerful voices. She has a new album on the way, Beautiful Life that will be released in February 2014.
She will be singing in Barcelona! (25th October in Teatre-Auditoi Sant Cugat.).

Dianne Reeves

These artists above are just a few of many whom will be playing at Barcelona Jazz Festival.

So if you like to have a good time and listen to well performed music you should definitely go and watch some of the artists that Barcelona Jazz Festival offers. There are concerts for everyone!

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